August 10, 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of the Cinemata Newsletter! This edition puts a spotlight on an exciting partnership for Philippine alternative cinema, showcasing a fresh lineup of over 350 upcoming films on Cinemata. Explore the latest episode of Pretty Good Podcast uncovering the dynamic shifts in digital rights trends across the Asia-Pacific. Watch a selection of social issue films on emerging online populations from India's unseen majority and videos from the Philippines on labour issues and women's reproductive health rights.

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Cinemata hosts films from the 35th Gawad Alternatibo

For the second consecutive year, Cinemata is partnering with the Gawad CCP Para sa Alternatibong Pelikula at Video (Gawad Alternatibo) by the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) for its highly anticipated 35th edition. Starting August 14, Cinemata will stream over 350 films from the program, showcasing a wide array of socially conscious alternative films from the Philippines. This year’s theme “Paghahabi” (Weaving) shows the festival’s goal of sharpening the encounter of images and ideas, creating a diverse tapestry of contradictions that reflects the complexity of the Filipino experience.

The 35th Gawad Alternatibo brings an exciting lineup of films in the Animation, Documentary, Experimental, and Short Feature categories for its Main Competition. The event also offers Curated Sections, highlighting exceptional films outside the competition entries chosen by the programmer and selection committee. Notably, there will also be a film collection of Gawad Alternatibo Classics showcasing the works of renowned alternative filmmakers and Gawad Alternatibo Hall-of-Famers, and Lakbay Sine – Pasalubong Edition highlighting the distinct talent and perspectives of regional filmmakers in the country.


On August 11, the 35th Gawad Alternatibo Congress will convene at the Philippine International Convention Center for a day of film screenings and discussions with outstanding filmmakers and media practitioners. 

EngageMedia's Video Manager King Catoy is a speaker on the panel session "Critical Reception of Gawad Alternatibo: Redefining Alternative Cinemas through Local Film Criticism and Cinephilia." The panel explores how the emergence of digital platforms like film blogs, self-made film sites, and online film groups has revolutionised the way cinema is engaged, blending passion for alternative cinema with digitally-driven film criticism.


'PGP Live at DRAPAC23: Global Voices'

In this episode of PGP Live at DRAPAC23, Global Voices Advox Editor Ameya Nagarajan shares about the rise of digital authoritarianism and other digital rights trends in the Asia-Pacific.

Pretty Good Podcast Live at DRAPAC23 is a special episode series of Pretty Good Podcast, recorded live at the Digital Rights Asia Pacific Assembly in Chiang Mai, Thailand, last May 22 to 26, 2023.

Organisation: EngageMedia

Location: International


Check out the accompanying blog post that provides additional references and relevant links to this podcast episode.

'Ang Pinanggang Anak ni Julieta (Julieta’s Beloved Child)'

Julieta, a 57-year-old coachwoman, cares for her white horse named Covid. Together, they traverse the streets of Cebu City, looking for tourists to ride their carriage amid the pandemic.

Julieta’s Beloved Child was awarded Best Regional Entry for the Documentary Category of the 34th Gawad Alternatibo by the Cultural Center of the Philippines last year.

Director: Marco Romas

Country: Philippines


'About Ocean in a Drop'

India’s invisible majority are poor yet literate in their own traditions and increasingly online. Go behind the scenes of the documentary Ocean in a Drop as the production team describes their motivations for creating the film.

Shot in 2015, the filmmakers visited 14 villages throughout nine districts across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar. The project resulted not only in a feature documentary but also in a book, podcast, and web video series.

Director: Andrew Garton

Country: India


Ocean in a Drop is a documentary film about emergent online populations told by rural women and children, artisans and entrepreneurs in India. Watch the full film on Cinemata.

'Buo (Complete)'

Written and performed by Muro Ami and BP Valenzuela, the song Buo (Complete) celebrates the triumphs of the women's rights movement and the ongoing fight to pursue self-determination and bodily autonomy.

This song is one of the 13 tracks in the Pasya Music Album which is part of the decriminalization of abortion campaign in the Philippines that is made possible by the Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights in collaboration with Filipino Freethinkers and Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network, and with support from Safe Abortion Action Fund and Abortion Conversation Projects

Sensitive content: Concerns abortion)

Producer: Pasya Music Album

Country: Philippines



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