November 30, 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of the Cinemata newsletter! This month, we're thrilled to bring you an array of thought-provoking content that delves into the realms of digital rights, data justice, and compelling narratives from various corners of the Asia-Pacific.

Join us for the premiere of a digital rights film collection produced by young and talented filmmakers from Thailand and the Philippines. Our featured film playlist offers a deep dive into the concept of “data justice” and how we can apply its principles for a more equitable digital landscape.

Immerse yourself in our curated selection of animated films exploring narratives of an indigenous community in India, a satirical view of the military rule in Myanmar, and a heartwarming story from the Philippines showcasing the strength of individuals with disabilities.

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Premiering on December 7: Tech Tales Youth digital rights films

Catch the premiere of the Tech Tales Youth digital rights film collection at the University of the Philippines Film Center on December 7!

Produced by EngageMedia, these seven short films by young and talented filmmakers from Thailand and the Philippines feature stories on digital labour, new money and platform accountability, access to the internet and digital technologies, disinformation and historical revisionism, doxxing, data privacy, and accountability of the state and private companies.

Aside from the screenings, there will also be talkback sessions with the filmmakers and guests.

This event is in partnership with UP Film Institute, DAKILA, Active Vista, Foundation for Media Alternatives, and Computer Professionals' Union, with DZUP 1602 and Altermidya as publicity partners.



'Advancing Data Justice' Documentary Series

This documentary series brings together perspectives from across the globe to explore how data-driven technologies can be deployed in a way that is compatible with the values of social justice.

The 'Advancing Data Justice' series is produced by The Alan Turing Institute and EngageMedia as part of the ‘Advancing Data Justice: Research and Practice’ project.

Produced by: The Alan Turing Institute and EngageMedia


Learn more about 'Advancing Data Justice'.


'Hum Chitra Banate Hai (We Make Images)'

Narrated by a rooster, the story follows the journey of the Bhil people in India to find a shaman who can bring relief from a devastating drought. After seeing the shaman, he inspires them to paint their homes, leading to rain, bountiful crops, and peace and prosperity.

A winner of India's National Film Awards in 2017, this animated masterpiece directed by Prof. Nina Sabnani is curated by the Kriti Film Club for Cinemata.

Director: Nina Sabnani

​​Country: India


'Undaunted: Voices from Myanmar’s Resistance'

In the face of danger, Myanmar activists continue to march on the path of peaceful protest against the oppressive military junta.

This gripping documentary delves into the untold sacrifices and unwavering determination of Myanmar activists who defy peril. It explores the poignant question: What compels them to continue their fight for freedom?

Produced by: Athan - Freedom of Expression Activist Organization and 1O1fps Production

​​Country: Myanmar


Watch the version with Thai subtitles.


Confronted by an unexpected life event, a young woman must grapple with her inner demons. Will she summon the courage to face them, or will she succumb?

Grace is the Third Prize Winner in the Animation Category of the 35th Gawad Alternatibo.

Director: Alliah Jasreel Padre, Michael Andrew Colarina, and Ivan Cris Caraon

Country: Philippines


Cinemata is the official streaming partner of Asia's longest-running alternative films competition, the 35th Gawad CCP Para sa Alternatibong Pelikula.

'PGP Live at DRAPAC23: Centre for Internet & Society'

In this episode of PGP Live at DRAPAC23, Shruti Trikanad of the Centre for Internet & Society discusses the digital rights implications of digital ID systems, drawing from the experience of countries in South and Southeast Asia.

Pretty Good Podcast Live at DRAPAC23 is a special episode series of Pretty Good Podcast, recorded live at the Digital Rights Asia Pacific Assembly in Chiang Mai, Thailand, last May 22 to 26, 2023.

Producer: EngageMedia​​​​​

Region: International


Read the accompanying blog post to learn more about the episode and Centre for Internet & Society’s work.

'The Green Tribe Episode 6: Dumb Bombing'

The Green Village Chief visits a remote area and finds the local commander arguing with his wife. The air force bombed her jade mine instead of a group of Blue People living next to the mine. Myanmar’s military junta resorts to bombing populated areas, targeting the rebels, and often innocent women and children are killed in these attacks.

Publicized by Mizzima Media and The Voice of Spring, The Green Tribe is an animated satirical series that aims to criticise the military rulers in Myanmar. The Village Chief is the alter-ego of General Min Aung Hlaing, the supreme commander of the Myanmar Army and the mastermind of the February 2021 coup.

Content warning: contains coarse language and references to violence


Watch all the episodes of "The Green Tribe" animated satirical series in this playlist.


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