January 31, 2024

As we embark on a new year, our commitment to fostering community and contributing to the advancement of video for change initiatives in the Asia-Pacific remains stronger than ever. Throughout the coming months, we are excited to share an abundance of opportunities, from calls for submissions to film screenings and festivals, all centred around the transformative power of storytelling.

In this edition, discover a call for entries to a multi-arts festival embracing emerging art forms, especially short-form videos on online mobile platforms in the Philippines. Learn about an exciting initiative in Cambodia, providing young creatives with not only hands-on experience in filmmaking but also the potential to earn from their newfound expertise.

The films showcased here delve into narratives that intricately capture the complex and nuanced challenges encountered in the region. Witness the story of a student navigating life in the carnival while pursuing his dreams, a film that sheds light on the challenges and resistance of women labourers in India, and another that addresses broader human rights issues in the Philippines’ Southern Tagalog region. Lastly, delve into a film capturing the discomforts and atrocities faced by the people of Myanmar under the military coup.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the power of storytelling to inspire change and create connections across borders. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities as we continue our mission in 2024!

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Call for entries: Cultural Center of the Philippines' PASINAYA Festival


In its 19th year, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)’s Pasinaya multi-arts festival is expanding its horizons to embrace emerging art forms and innovative expressions, including the utilisation of short-form videos widely shared and screened on online mobile platforms. Organised by the CCP Film, Broadcast, and New Media Division, this competition is accessible to all PASINAYA onsite and hybrid (Manila, Iloilo, and Tagum) participants, regardless of age. The competition aims to inspire, uncover, and celebrate imaginative cinematic short-form films and video creations.


Submit your entries here.

Nurturing Cambodian Talent for Social Impact Through Film

Sunflower Film Organization (SFO), an independent collective primarily composed of dedicated volunteers throughout Cambodia, offers a diverse array of filmmaking courses. With a mission to bring together young Cambodians and equip them with the skills to utilise film as a powerful tool for empowerment and freedom of expression, SFO presents a unique opportunity for young creatives not only to gain hands-on experience in filmmaking but also to potentially earn from their newfound expertise.

SFO is excited to launch Sunflower Media (SM), a social enterprise crafted to benefit their trained youth filmmakers, support SFO's mission, and contribute to the filmmaker’s chosen cause.


For interested individuals, NGOs, or social enterprises based in Cambodia, contact Sunflower Media at sunflowermedia26@gmail.com.


'Arapaap (Dreams)'

This documentary follows the story of a young dreamer who juggles his life as a student during the day and takes on the role of a carnival worker well into the late hours of the night. Despite the challenges, he pursues his aspirations with the carnival by his side.

Director: Ryand Angelo Ugalde

​​Country: Philippines


'Don’t Write, Don't Say, Don’t Do and We are Watching'

Since the military coup on February 1, 2021, people in Myanmar live in a state of discomfort. Unreliable electricity, soaring prices, economic challenges, and the increasing difficulty of securing a meal contribute to a pervasive unease, not to mention fears for their safety.

Content warning: references to violence

Organisation: Athan - FOE

​​Country: Myanmar


'Pins and Needles'

Beneath the glamorous facade of fast fashion lies the harsh reality of daily exploitation faced by migrant workers, predominantly women.

This documentary by Natasha Badhwar highlights the challenges and resistance of women labourers in Gurgaon's garment sector, sharing stories of discrimination, sexual exploitation, wage theft, and the collective tools they employ for survival.

Director: Natasha Badhwar

Country: India


'Sa Talim ng Balisong (In the Knife's Blade)'

While the Duterte administration claimed success in suppressing armed conflicts, the 2018 'Whole-of-Nation approach' has victimised individuals in Batangas province, who have endured military operations, character assassination, and community neglect.

This film features stories from Batangas province, long hounded by plans for roadworks, resorts, recreational facilities, and resource extraction, portraying a microcosm of the human rights situation in the Southern Tagalog region and the Philippines in general.

Organisation: Southern Tagalog Exposure

Country: Philippines



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