February 29, 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of the Cinemata Newsletter!

Cinemata stands steadfast in its commitment to spotlighting critical regional issues through films. This edition particularly directs attention to the enduring struggles of the people of Myanmar under the third year of military dictatorship. Additionally, we shed light on pressing digital rights issues in Thailand and the Philippines, using storytelling as a way to illuminate and advocate for change.

In this edition, we are thrilled to unveil Cinemata's latest feature exclusively for student filmmakers and video activists, accessible to our Trusted Users. We also present exciting screening partnership opportunities for a thought-provoking film collection on digital rights in the Asia-Pacific. Plus, don't miss the chance to participate in the longest-running independent film competition in Asia—submit your films now!

The coming months promise more opportunities for engagement and collaboration, all aimed at fostering awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by communities in the region.

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Password Protection now available on Cinemata for student filmmakers and activists

Cinemata has released a new helpful feature for emerging filmmakers and video activists: password protection for content. This feature is available for free to its growing number of Trusted Users.

In response to financial constraints faced by student filmmakers, Cinemata provides a solution by offering password-protected content. This exclusive feature allows student filmmakers to share screeners of their works with film programmers, festivals, and potential partners privately.

To access this feature, students must sign up for an account on Cinemata and complete an online form to become a Trusted User. Additionally, Cinemata curators recommend that users upload at least two of their previous works and set them to Public under Publishing Status on the Edit Media page. Additional information about this feature can be found in this short guide on Cinemata's Help and Resources page.



Tech Tales Youth Partnerships

In 2023, EngageMedia collaborated with young and talented filmmakers from Thailand and the Philippines to produce seven short films under Tech Tales Youth. The films highlight stories on digital labour, new money and platform accountability, access to the internet and digital technologies, disinformation and historical revisionism, doxxing, data privacy and accountability of the state and private companies. The film collection aims to expand the digital rights movement by attracting new allies and audiences and creating additional films for advocacy efforts.

Want to watch the full film collection and make an impact in your community? Become a Tech Tales Youth partner! You'll get early access to the films, co-host screenings, participate in talkback sessions, and more. Join us in promoting digital rights and making a difference. Fill out the form below.


Watch the Tech Tales Youth film previews in this playlist. Catch the premiere of the film collection on Cinemata soon!

Call for submissions: Cultural Center of the Philippines' 36th Gawad CCP Para sa Alternatibong Pelikula at Video

The Gawad Alternatibo Para sa Pelikula at Video, the longest-running independent film competition in Asia, is inviting submissions for its 36th edition. Filipino filmmakers are invited to submit entries for the Narrative, Experimental, Documentation, and Animation categories by April 30, 2024.

Submitted works must have been completed no earlier than April 30, 2023, with a maximum running time of 45 minutes.

Since its establishment in 1987, Gawad Alternatibo has been a platform for Filipino filmmakers to celebrate alternative cinematic storytelling. It has played a significant role in shaping the independent filmmaking landscape in the Philippines alongside Cinemalaya.


Submit your entries here. Follow Gawad Alternatibo for more updates and news.


'Preview: This is How Her Home was Built'

Julia, a young woman lost in her city, witnesses the rise and fall of various versions of her home. As the lines blur between truth and fabrication, she must navigate the fragmented pieces of her existence to find a sense of belonging and understand the truth about her home.

This is How Her Home was Built, directed by Jaime Morados, is part of the Tech Tales Youth film collection.

Producer: EngageMedia

​​Country: Philippines


'Preview: Digital Rights Lab'

Suspecting that cybercriminals have illegally accessed the personal data of millions of Thai citizens, filmmaker Weeraya Vichayaprasertkul launches a daring investigation to expose how criminals wreak havoc in the digital realm. 

Digital Rights Lab, directed by Weeraya Vichayaprasertkul, is part of the Tech Tales Youth film collection.

Producer: EngageMedia

​​Country: Thailand


'Preview: Lugal Abu (Gray Area)'

Two Aeta indigenous students navigate modern education through digital technology and the internet amid the struggle to maintain their traditional way of life.

Lugal Abu (Gray Area), directed by EJ Gagui, is part of the Tech Tales Youth film collection.

Producer: EngageMedia

​​Country: Philippines


'Muzzled in Myanmar'

Since the 2021 coup, the military has controlled and restricted the freedom of expression of the people of Myanmar by monitoring them online and offline and enacting changes in laws. Prominent critics of the military often face searches at checkpoints, torture, arbitrary detentions and even extrajudicial killings. 

Content warning: references to violence

Organisation: Athan - Freedom of Expression Activist Organization

​​Country: Myanmar


Check out the research paper that provides additional references and information on the topics discussed in this video.

'The Green Tribe Episode 8: Green Elections'

The Village Chief opposes elections, but neighbouring villages advocate for democracy through electoral processes in the Green Village. To maintain his power, the Chief is scheming to obstruct elections and resist the implementation of democracy.

'The Green Tribe' is a satirical animated series intended to critique the military rulers of Myanmar, highlighting the events surrounding the coup that began on February 1, 2021.

Content warning: contains coarse language

Producer: Fat 'n Rat

Country: Myanmar


Watch ‘The Green Tribe’ episodes in this playlist.


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