March 10, 2023

This edition highlights Cinemata's continuing engagement with film organisations in the Asia-Pacific and more social issue films around the region. Learn more about a student film showcase from the Philippines, read a new post on Cinemata Features highlighting a documentary film organisation in Aceh, Indonesia, and watch films from Myanmar and Cambodia.

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19th Piling Obrang Vidyo

Cinemata is proud to co-present Piling Obrang Vidyo XIX (POV XIX), an annual inter-school film competition for young Filipino filmmakers organised by UP Cinema.

From March 14 to 23, 12 student films selected as finalists for the competition will be exclusively available on Cinemata.

Since 2004, the film competition has highlighted visual storytelling masterpieces by Filipino youth, providing a space for student filmmakers to have their voices heard and exhibit their films on the big screen. Finalists' works will also be critiqued and recognised by esteemed individuals in the Philippine film industry.

For its 19th year, POV XIX features the theme "Bagong S19lo: Atin ang Kuwento" (New Era: The Story is Ours). Amid the current political climate, POV XIX aims to encourage a new wave of young filmmakers to be more truthful and fearless in challenging mainstream imperialistic narratives and in remembering forgotten or silenced stories.

The films will be screened at the University of the Philippines Film Center’s Cine Adarna on March 24, and online on Cinemata for a limited time.

Organiser: UP Cinema
Country: Philippines




Aceh Documentary

In the third post for 'Cinemata Features', Indonesian film organisation Aceh Documentary shares their work on producing high-quality documentaries on social issues and conducting filmmaking workshops to empower Acehnese people.

Cinemata Features’ is a series highlighting film practitioners in the Asia-Pacific – filmmakers, film groups, curators, critics, and archivists – who create and disseminate social and environmental issue films in the region.

Check out the interview in this post.




'Padauk: Myanmar Spring'

Friday, March 10, is the last day to catch Padauk: Myanmar Spring on Cinemata!

The film takes the viewer to the streets of Myanmar in the days following the February 2021 military coup. Through Nant—a young, first-time protester—we meet three human rights activists whose lives have been upended by the coup. As the protests continue, Nant comes to understand the truth of a brutal regime that has waged war against its own people for decades.

Beautifully augmented by poetry and art, Padauk: Myanmar Spring shows the resilience and determination of the people of Myanmar and the sacrifices they have made.

Directors: Jeanne Marie Hallacy and Rares Michael Ghilezan
Country: Myanmar


'A Portrait of Resilience as Filipino'

Living in flood-prone Marikina, a young Filipino filmmaker sifts through smudged memories to cope with the repetitive cycle of typhoon onslaughts and evacuations.

A Portrait of Resilience as Filipino is part of the Cinemata Visions playlist 'Lived Lives in the Present Struggle', a collection of nine student films from the University of the Philippines Film Institute programmed by documentarist Adjani Arumpac. The film playlist will be available until April 2023.

Director: Miko Peralta
Country: Philippines


'Plants of Life'

A herbalist by passion, Och To makes traditional medicine to heal Kouy villagers in Cambodia's Kampong Thom province. Climate change and deforestation, however, have made it harder for him to find the herbs and plants he needs from the forest.

Plants of Life was produced by indigenous youth under "Docu Colab" of the Sunflower Film Organization's "Let's Document Cambodia 2022" project.

Producer: Sunflower Film Organization
Country: Cambodia


'Our Ancestor's Deer'

Aside from patrolling the forest and enforcing the law, rangers from Cambodia's Kratie province face other challenges, such as poverty and a need for more ecological awareness among the communities.

Get a glimpse into a ranger's life at the Prep Prasop Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as the Deer Sanctuary, in this short video produced by indigenous youth under the Sunflower Film Organization's "Let's Document Cambodia 2022" project.

Producer: Sunflower Film Organization
Country: Cambodia


'#DigitalSafetyFirstMM: Keep Our Myanmar Community Safe' 

Practising good digital hygiene keeps you and your community safe. This video shares three stories that highlight the importance of good digital security practices. Strengthen each link in your digital security chain by following these tips.

This video is part of EngageMedia's initiative to raise awareness on digital rights issues in Myanmar and support activists, digital rights advocates, and ordinary citizens in enhancing their digital safety.

Learn more about EngageMedia's Myanmar work here and look up #DigitalSafetyFirstMM on social media.

Producer: EngageMedia
Country: Myanmar



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